Instagram, we love you but we also sort of hate you. Mostly because we can’t figure out how we spend SO much time scrolling through our feeds to making sure we’ve seen everyone’s photos – most of which turn out to be food and selfies. To help justify all those hours spent on the app, we’ve decided to point out all the secret life lessons sprinkled throughout those photos you’ve been seeing all over. From a fun beauty tip to an important friendship rule, here’s everything we learned on Instagram this week.

blake lively fashion week

1. Celebs don’t wake up looking camera ready. Before Instagram it would have been easy to believe that celebs somehow managed to look amazing all the time, but thanks to the increase in no makeup and unfiltered selfies shared by celebs on social media we’ve finally realized they are in fact real humans. While out and about for fashion week Blake Lively shared this ultra glam photo of herself alongside the caption, “I did not wake up like this.” (Photo via @blakelively)

justin bieber grammys

2. Family always comes first. Justin Bieber’s love life has been on full blast for a few weeks now. What’s the deal with that Selena tattoo? Are he and Hailey Baldwin dating or not? Instead of bringing a date all the gossip mags would have a field day over, Bieber decided to bring his baby bro Jaxon. (Photo via @justinbieber)

taylor swift ed sheeran

3. It’s SO important to let your friends know how much you care. Sure, you regularly tell your fam and maybe your partner you love them, but how often do you tell your BFF how much you appreciate him/her? Taylor took a break from all this Kanye nonsense to post a super heartful message to Ed Sheeran for his birthday.

lucy hale hair

4. It’s never too early to pretend it’s summer. Temps are still freezing over on the east coast and the west coast is currently enduring some random rain storms but hey, who says you can’t pretend like it’s 75 degrees and sunny? If you can’t bust out the bikini, we vote you follow in Pretty Little Liar actress Lucy Hale’s footsteps by ditching the dark locks for something sunkissed and light. (Photo via @lucyhale)

kristin cavallari stephen

5. Time heals all wounds. If you told a teenage Kristin Cavallari who had just broken up with Laguna Beach’s Stephen Colletti that she’d one day be posting a heartfelt #tbt photo of him, she’d probably never believe you. But with nearly 10 years sandwiched between then and now it looks like they can once and for all put the past to rest. (Photo via @kristincavallari)

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