If we’re being totally honest, scrolling through our Instagram feeds takes up a big chunk of our day. It’s important to see what’s up (and look at The Fat Jewish’s account for an afternoon LOL break) but with that much time spent on social media, we should really be getting something out of it, right? That’s exactly why we’re kicking off a new series highlighting all the secret life lessons sprinkled throughout those Instagram photos you’ve been seeing over the past week.

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1. Beauty is inclusive. A long overdue push toward a more diverse body ideal has been gaining traction in the modeling industry for some time now, but Tuesday marked a major moment in body positive history when Ashley Graham was nominated as a Sports Illustrated’s Rookie of the Year. Ashley’s unabashed confidence is just what we needed as we dive head first into swimsuit season. (Photo via @theashleygraham)


2. Having a baby doesn’t mean all your travel adventures are over. If you’re worried that the arrival of your firstborn is going to result in an unofficial house arrest sentence, we suggest you creep on Karen Edwards’ Instagram. The new mom proved to be an inspiration to all women this week when word got out that she used her maternity leave to travel the world with her newborn and husband. Creep on her feed if you want to prove to yourself that epic adventures are in fact still possible with a baby in tow. (Photo via @travelmadmum)

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3. You’re never too old for arts and crafts. Coloring books are everywhere. This week in “celebs they’re just like us” Victoria Beckham subtly shared that she is also a major fan of the meditative pastime. While on a trip to NY, Victoria shared this snap of Vogue’s coloring book popping out her bag alongside the caption, “Good night NY x bedtime colouring in #vogue100.” (Photo via @victoriabeckham)

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4. Always hold on to a few key vintage fashion pieces. With New York Fashion Week in full swing, our feeds have been filling up with an endless sea of epic street style pics. One snap that caught our eye was this colorful pic of Cailli and Sam Beckerman, a pair of twins who seriously know how to dress to impress. After a quick glance at their handbags we felt an immediate twinge of regret about not holding on to those Limited Too bags we were obsessed with back in middle school. We’re not saying you should become a pack rat, but holding on to one or two statement pieces that are super remisient of the decade in which they were made could really come in handy later down the line. (Photo via @beckermanblog)

5. An unexpected project could be just what your career needs. Instead of dropping a new album this week, Kelly Clarkson decided to reveal that she’s now a children’s book author. While it may seem like a crazy jump to go from musican to children’s book author, we definitely admire Kelly for jumping into an field she’s new to with pride. (Photo via @kellyclarkson)

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What major life lesson did you learn on Instagram this week? Tag @britandco in the photo and share some knowledge with us.