Instagram has just launched a brand new feature that social media mavens are already (rightfully) freaking out over. Currently the tops when it comes to pics, Instagram has just introduced a personalized video feed that will have you enjoying vids that are just right for you. But before you jump over to try it out, here are a few things you need to know to get the most out of your Insta-vid experience.

Instagram Videos

“As people share more videos than ever before, we’re making it easier to discover the ones you’ll love,” Instagram explains in their blog post announcing the exciting news. “To begin, you’ll find a personalized channel called ‘Videos You Might Like’ that collects videos from across Instagram’s global community into a seamless viewing experience. And as you scroll through the Explore grid, you may also see ‘Featured’ channels filled with videos on specific topics.”

1. What? Instagram will be bringing you the best videos based on your interests. Do you like yoga? Get ready for some yoga-tastic vids. Like foodie posts? Prepared yourself for some deliciously yummy vids. Like extreme sports? You’ll be seeing all sorts of people putting their lives on the line for the ultimate adrenaline rush.

2. Where? Head over to the ‘Explore’ area of your Instagram account, and there you’ll find the new video selections just for you. Can’t see it yet? Grab yourself Instagram version 7.20 over in Apple’s App Store or on Google Play.


3. When? TODAY! Well, at least for those in the US. Instagram promises that other countries will see the new feature soon.

4. Who? That depends on you. “Explore still works the same way: It connects you to posts about your interests from people you don’t yet follow.”

Are you giddy with vid-lovin’ excitement, Instagrammers? Us too!

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(h/t TechCrunch, photo via Instagram, Drazen Lovric/iStock)