Sometimes when you reach the end of a creative project you loved, it can be a huge thrill as well as a huge letdown. You usually have an awesome finished product, but you’re also left with the itch for more, more, more! And hey, that’s fine when you just want to get a creative fix in the form of a quickie weeknight project (if you’re not already familiar with our 30-Minute Kits, that’s exactly what they’re designed for). But what about other times, when you’re serious enough about learning a skill to want more than a one-and-done project?

That’s why we’re SO excited to announce the launch of DIY Skill Sets, a new type of kit designed with your ambitious creative aspirations in mind! Not only will they introduce you to a new skill, but they’ll leave you inspired and enabled to continue your path to being a total master.


Unlike other kits, DIY Skill Sets are designed to take you from project to pro. Here’s how they work:

  1. Choose your skill (engraving, wood burning, leather stamping and watercolor dyeing, PLUS more to come!).
  2. Pick your project. Every skill comes with countless project options to get you started, each one different from the next. For every project within a skill, the tool will be the same.
  3. Keep your tool and take on new projects. Our Refill Kits are designed to equip you with project supplies to use your tool in a different way and see just how versatile your new skill can be.

The idea is to equip you with a quality, long-lasting tool, and for you to see just how versatile that tool can be. Say, for example, that you want to learn engraving. You can choose between a number of projects to get started, including customized camp mugs, Julep cups or an acrylic tray.

Can’t decide? You can purchase a DIY Skill Set and add as many Refill Kits as you like, without having to buy the same tool ever again.

Try out a DIY Skill Set and let us know what you think! Our mission at Brit + Co. is to inspire you to live more creatively and realize what amazing things you’re capable of, and we designed these kits with you in mind.

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