The lava lamp had a baby and it’s pretty freaking adorable. It’s a little bit of a party animal, too. Ion is a music-detecting, Bluetooth-enabled mood light that is ready to brighten up our lives by putting on a show it choreographs to each of our favorite tunes. Queue up your danciest dance playlist (or, hey, your most somber sniffling muzak) and get ready to take a lesson from Ion’s moves.

Ion has a built-in microphone that syncs with songs to create a unique “color profile” for each. Low frequencies produce reds, mids green and high frequencies bring out the blues. It feels the beat and might let off a bright pulse for a kick drum or bass thump. The lamp is controlled by your smartphone or touch (old school, we know — if only there was a “Clap On” version we would be in heaven!). Using Bluetooth, it connects to an app that lets you twirl your virtual baton and customize the emphasis of certain colors. Musicians and DJs, did you just discover your secret weapon? We think so.

We’re liking Ion’s look, which seems like it would be a rager in a dorm room or a party-friendly apartment, but can also dress business casual in your classy cubicle. It is an acrylic tube with 40 multicolor LEDs inside that can display a totally different color than the other, helping it provide some pretty fancy effects. We told you this was a show — choose from 15 fully customizable moods like the flickering Flame, the dreamy Sparkle, the fun ROYGBIV-ed out Rainbow and the throwback-approved Lava. Light diffusing film inside Ion’s tube softens the colors and allows them to mix pretty.

If the idea of a light that dances to the music and mood of your choice isn’t cool enough for your shockingly high standards, we have something that will charm the geek in you to tango with us. Since Ion is all Bluetooth-enabled and stuff, you can use the app to flash different colors or frequencies to alert you to incoming notifications. Blue glow for texts! Green spin for an incoming call! A red halo for a Tweet! You can also hook it up to receive the weather report and act it out for you (like above). We just cried a single tear.

If you want Ion to be your new desk buddy, A) You better make sure your coworkers have no history of epilepsy B) You need a standing-turned-dancing desk immediately and C) You need to start pledging! Ion is currently campaigning on Kickstarter, where a donation of $199 will get you one bright light expected to ship August 2014. Just in time for… back to school?

What’s the coolest campaign you’ve seen on Kickstarter lately? Would you rock out to ION?