Emoji are the great unifier: They transcend the barriers of text, they enable cross-cultural communication and they鈥檙e really freakin鈥樎fun to use. CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE EMOJI FOR EVERYONE! Which is why Apple鈥榮 new emoji news over the weekend has us super stoked for the future of iMessaging.


Over the weekend, Apple unveiled four new animated emoji packs, available only to iOS 10 beta testers. For the moment, the pictographs are limited. There are the classic smiley and heart stickers, but also a hands pack and a retro 鈥渃lassic mac鈥 pack with smiling computers that we haven鈥檛 seen since our childhoods. The packs went on sale in the App Store on Friday night.

Although they aren鈥檛 much to look at right now, the pictographs will be open to developers who want to create their own for the masses. The new animated stickers are one of the new iMessage features coming in the fall, and we鈥檙e pretty sure they鈥檒l聽take everybody鈥檚 texting game to the next level. When the new iOS is released to us all, we鈥檒l be able to send each other texts with grand entrance effects, doodles and invisible ink. We need聽a 鈥渓evel up鈥 sticker STAT.

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(h/t Mashable)