Are you getting a little bored of looking at that same cute background photo of your S.O. or your pup? It might be time to retire that old pic (or maybe just print it out and put it in a frame). There’s a hot new feature with iOS 9’s new beta update that was released yesterday that’s gonna make you squeal. Two words: smartphone wallpapers. Yup, we’re talking lock + home screen.


Aside from revealing their brand new Wi-Fi Assist feature, iOS 9 also adds 15 brand new wallpaper options that really show off the photorealistic and super vivid image rez capabilities of iPhone’s Retina display. From the looks of it, Apple is trying to make this new update one of the coolest iPhone software updates to date. We’ve got our hands on all 15 of the gorgeous images, so take a peek at what’s coming to your iPhone in September 2015.


What do you think of iOS 9’s new wallpapers? Will you be using them? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t 9to5Mac)