If you weren鈥檛 already crossing off days on your advent calendar and prancing around the house in your ugly sweater, you may not realize that Christmas is NEXT. WEEKEND. We know you鈥檙e gonna have an awesome holiday party this year because you鈥檙e awesome like that (plus you have Instagram to help you). And when you throw an amazing holiday bash, you鈥檙e gonna want proof 鈥 and not just the kind you can find on Snapchat. We鈥檙e talking fancy-schmancy, professional-looking proof. And you can do it all yourself! No professionals required.


In the Get Started With iPhone Videography Online Class, Susan Roderick will teach you how to create and use scripts for effective narratives and voiceovers in your videos, set up wide, medium and close shots, look for creative angles and take B-roll footage (a technique often used to demonstrate flashbacks or things that are happening at the same time), edit your footage with iMovie to create a story that grabs the viewer and add music, transitions, filters, etc. to your final video.


And voila! You now have some seriously awesome holiday footage.

If you aren鈥檛 sure how our classes work, get this: Once you purchase a class from us, it鈥檚 yours forever! No expiration dates. So what are you waiting for? Let鈥檚 get rolling!

Share your finished videos (or photos of the production process) with us @BritandCo with the hashtag #iamcreative.