Parenting can get pricey. From signing them up for cool summer camps to kid-friendly vacations to hiring a professional baby namer (you read that right), a kid is no small investment. But just how much your little bundle of joy will turn out to cost you may also depend on whether they’re a girl or a boy.

Two young siblings lying on the grass smiling together

MoneyTips pulled together an infographic about some key stats on the costs associated with raising kids. And what it shows is pretty shocking: It’s A LOT more expensive to raise a girl than it is to raise a boy. Like, to the tune of $17,280 more over 18 years. Yikes.

They looked at different categories, including costs of food, school supplies, transportation, entertainment and clothing, and found that in three of those categories, parents spend the same amount of money on girls and boys. But in two of those categories — clothing and school supplies — parents spent a lot more on girls than boys. And that boys aren’t more expensive to raise than girls in ANY category.

Overall, it turns out that the average cost of raising a girl is $80 more expensive per month, or $960 more per year, than it is to raise a boy. Eesh!


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