We all want to be creative when it comes to pregnancy announcements and we’ve seen some people go all out for them (still obsessed with that Britney Spears-themed one, TBH). One gal who went a more DIY route for her reveal however is Ivanka Trump. Thursday, the businesswoman with multiple product lines shared the exciting news of a third pregnancy with husband Jared Kushner in a Facebook video that incorporated a little DIY and a lot of toddler wrangling.

ivanka trump pregnancy announcement

In the video, the girlboss gets an adorable assist from her four-year-old daughter Arabella and son Joseph, who turns three in October, for the announcement of baby number three. While the announcement she uploaded to Facebook was a perfect cut, the one she shared on her website included a better video, one with outtakes and BTS secrets that all mom’s with little ones can relate to.

Alongside the hilarity that ensues in the outtake video, Ivanka also shares how she finally got son Joseph to cooperate for the shoot. “I usually try to feed my kids healthy food, but I gave Joseph his first lollipop ever in exchange for his best behavior. It’s the mommy trick we all say we’ll never do, but when you have multiple children, it’s pretty hard to be above it — it just works too well!!” Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a lollipop?! She also spoiled Arabella and Joseph’s new sibling preference. Shockingly, she wants a sister and he’s hoping for a brother.

Hey Ivanka (and all soon-to-be and new parents) here’s some inspo for those inevitable baby photo shoots ideas that are bound to happen between their eat, sleep, poop cycle ;)

P.S. Presidential hopeful and proud father/grandfather Donald Trump had YUUUUUGE feels about another grandchild, which he shared on Twitter.

Do you have any secrets for getting your little kids to cooperate during a photo shoot? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via Michael Loccisano/Getty + @ivankatrump)