You鈥檝e taken the plunge, and you鈥檙e going for it! IVF, that is. After all the struggles, sadness, and general suck-fest that is infertility, your doc thinks you鈥檙e a candidate for IVF. So, you start on meds to get those follicles delivering and stimulate your eggs, then you go under the needle to gather 鈥檈m up. (Don鈥檛 freak 鈥 you鈥檒l be asleep for that part.) Next, things go all sci-fi on you and the medical pros mix up an embryo in the lab. Finally, your fertilized eggs are put back inside of you. And then鈥 you wait. You鈥檒l have roughly two weeks to go before you can realistically take a pregnancy test, and they just might be the longest two weeks of your life. Instead of obsessing, try some of these totally non-baby-related activities to pass the time and calm your nerves.

1.Read a book. A grown-up book. Or at least a book that wasn鈥檛 written for four-year-olds. When the IVF takes and you become a mama, you won鈥檛 feast your eyes on grown-up words for years to come. Seriously. You鈥檒l forget that there are chapters or more than 14 pages in a book. So, to keep your mind off of everything baby, read a real book.

2. Go virgin. While you wait, your best girlfriends (or boyfriends) are all about taking you out. They鈥檙e the best besties and want to take your mind off of the baby that *might* be brewing inside of you. But you can鈥檛 exactly go out and sip Pinot with the rest of them. Before you say no to a night out, consider going virgin. Virgin margaritas are yummy. So is virgin sangria. Go ahead and hang out 鈥 you鈥檒l still look totally rad ordering your Shirley Temple!

3.Get a makeover. Schedule a facial, book a professional makeup session, or get your hair done. When you get to your mommy days, you鈥檒l be sporting a ponytail and a bare face more than you want to. While you have the time to use up, treat yourself and get a full-on almost-mommy makeover.

4.Go shopping. Wait! Step away from the baby and maternity stores. Really. Skip any store that has anything to do with babies. Fill your two weeks鈥 time with lots of window shopping and hunting for awesome accessories. Buy that new bag, pick up some new earrings, or treat yourself to that new duvet cover you鈥檝e been coveting. Ooh, daring!

5.Volunteer somewhere special. Take your mind off your IVF worries by helping others out. Of course, you should choose a doctor-approved activity; heavy lifting is a no-go for you right now. But sitting down and talking to seniors or organizing boxes of pasta at the local food bank will more than do.

6.Get romantic. Have a stress-free date night with your S.O. Make a no-baby-talk rule, treating date night like it should be 鈥 all about the two of you! Make a reservation at your fave local spot, or dress up and dine in. Set a table for two, keeping it romantic with soft candlelight and the grown-up china your parents gifted you with.

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