If you were a fan of the BECCA Champagne Pop highlighter and the BECCA x Jaclyn Hill collaboration (and you know you are), you’re going to love this. YouTube beauty guru/highlighter goddess (because let’s be honest here) Jaclyn Hill teamed up with Morphe to bring us a ginormous, 35-shade eyeshadow palette: the Jaclyn Hill Palette.

So exciting! This is a project that’s been in the works since 2015. And Jaclyn just snuck in an awesome surprise.


If you’re thinking “but wait, that’s not an eye” right about now, you’re absolutely right. One of the shades in Jaclyn’s new palette doubles as a highlighter. She shared a couple of short videos on her Snapchat Story last night showing off the color, which is all unicorns and rainbows and holographic bliss.


As she walks through her house wearing it on her cheekbones, you can see that the shade shimmers and even takes on blue, green and purple hues in different lighting. This was a revelation even to Jaclyn, which just goes to show how naturally and instinctively her makeup designing magic comes. She did return to Snapchat to clarify that the shade is a highlighting EYESHADOW and not a cheekbone highlighter, but she was just throwing it on there to see “how smooth it was.” Girl, doesn’t matter. That shade is still poppin’!

The Jaclyn palette is set to drop in March, so maybe tell your bae or gal pals to hold off on buying you Valentine’s Day gifts and wait until the shimmery shades arrive.

Will you buy the new palette? What do you think of the holographic highlighter? Tell us @BritandCo!

(h/t Allure, photos via Jaclyn Hill/Snapchat + Robin Marchant/Getty)