Jaime King and her hubby Kyle Newman decided to think outside of the box when it came to their new baby’s (and Taylor Swift’s godson!) nursery — literally. The couple wasn’t about to uproot their family of three (now four!) from the 1,800 square foot home they shared — they were perfectly happy there — so instead, they began reimagining the space they already had. Jaime + Kyle went the creative route and didn’t feel the need to get more space, just to make better use of their space. They decided to upgrade their sunroom into a nursery + office + chill spot — genius!

It isn’t easy going from airy sunroom to a totally multi-purpose room, y’all, but RH Baby & Child and Cricket’s Circle, a community for moms that provides a new way to shop and register for baby, were there to help out the couple. The room had to offer serious baby-centric functionality, colors that were soft enough for a little one but still were appealing to adults. Here are five aspects of this baby/work/chill zone that we’re lovin’:

1. Gender-neutral colors: Since the room is so multi-functional, the color scheme had to be neutral enough to not scream, “THIS IS A BABY BOY’S ROOM!” but also eye-catching enough to set the tone of the space. The room features creamy beiges, whites and rich browns (hello, leather table and chair) with touches of interesting texture throughout. Another benefit to having a room color scheme like this is that you probably won’t get sick of it like you would if you had, say, a baby blue room. It’s neutral enough that it’d be easy to update with a few new key pieces over the years.

2. Natural light FTW: While that chandelier is simply awesome, we are loving how much natural light this room (and the little ones!) is able to soak up (the crib is right in front of the epic floor-to-ceiling window). They covered it, transparently, so it’s not blinding — you can clearly see nature outside but it also adds a bit of privacy — and used a super sheer, white, floor-to-ceiling curtain that gives off an ethereal, soft-to-the-touch vibe.

3. Fireplaceas a focal point: It’s hard to miss the stunning fireplace, and we love how the entire room centers around it. Taking a seat on the comfy couch or inviting leather chair? You’ll be in perfect view of that fireplace. It speaks to the chill zone vibe of the room without taking away from the fact that a baby also shares this space.

4. Modern but rustic decor: What’s better than a mirrored dresser? A mirrored dresser that’s outlined in wood (or a mirrored coffee table). The juxtaposition of modern furniture, like the aforementioned dresser and sleek wall shelves, with wooden elements like the crib is so pretty. It also really speaks to the gender neutral tone of the room.

5. Seamless blending of adult + kid knick knacks: Oh, you’ve never seen a baby’s room with glass-boxed precious stones and crystals in it? Neither had we, but then again, we’d also never seen an office/chill zone with stuffed animals and elephant figurines in it. This hybrid room features both of those elements and it’s done so tastefully; it really just works. Simple as that. Not too much cutesy stuff and not too many adult items, either; it’s a perfect balance of big person and little person knick knacks.

What are your favorite elements of Jaime King’s hybrid baby room? Do you have any tips for creating a shared space? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

(h/t Cricket’s Circle + photos via Chris Patey)