How much fun would it be to pop the lid on a jar of jam that you made? Get ready to find out: The latest addition to our ever-growing library of online classes is Intro To Jam-Making + Canning, taught by cookbook author, traveling canning teacher and our personal gal-pal, Marisa McClellan. She’s taught food preservation workshops in kitchens from Brooklyn to Seattle, and your kitchen is next.


At under $20, this class is a total steal. As with all our online classes in the B+C Shop, you can watch and learn at your own pace, as each class you buy will be yours to access whenever. We’re constantly partnering with our favorite designers, artists and bloggers to share their inspiration and expertise on topics like watercolor, beer brewing and sewing, just to name a few.


What’s the deal with this jam-making class, you say? Let’s just put it this way: Your toast won’t know what hit it. With Marisa’s instruction, you’ll learn everything from preparation to stovetop cooking to proper canning and shelving. You’ll finish with a medium-sized batch of spiced plum jam, ready to shelve or give as gifts!


It’s not just plums you’re learning how to preserve, either. Keep this recipe and modify for whatever’s fresh at the farmer’s market: strawberries, blackberries, peaches — the possibilities are endless! Once you purchase the class, you’ll have access to a download with several of Marisa’s own jam recipes.

The best part about this class (other than your new Canning Queen title, of course) is that your shopping list is super short. That’s right — you probably already have most of the ingredients in your kitchen right now.

Be sure to pick up a set of old-fashioned glass jars from the B+C shop, since those things can be tricky to find. Better yet, put your new printmaking skills to good use and make personalized jar labels!

Now let’s get this jam session started. And heck, for $20 you can make a whole bunch of gifts this holiday season. Just promise you’ll send one our way as well. ;)


What are you excited to start canning? Let us know in the comments below!