Ready for a jam session? We’ve got a perfect-for-Fall online class coming up. Intro to Jam-Making + Canning with Food In Jars‘ Marisa McClellan will have you rocking out and preserving your way to a whole load of goodies.

Marisa is a guru when it comes to canning, jam-making, pickling and brining, so we teamed up with her to teach you how to use the gear you already have in your own kitchen to make and preserve a variety of jam recipes.


What does that all mean? You’ll come out of the class with a medium-sized batch of plum jam (yum!) AND you’ll have insider tips and tricks on building other jam recipes, best practices for storage and how to work preserving into your busy life.


Interested in learning more? Sign up today and you’ll enjoy 15% off when the class goes live. Just give us a few details in the form linked below, then sit back, relax and we’ll send you an email with a code when the class becomes available in the Brit + Co Shop.

Pre-registration closed as of 2pm PST on 9/19.

What’s your favorite jam recipe? Let us know if the comment section below.