Each summer in Quebec, the world’s most prestigious designers, artists, and landscape architects create a bizarre and fantastic garden for the public to explore. Open from now until September 28, the 15th International Garden Festival at Les Jardins De Metis in Canada is a visual playground full of breathtaking man-made landscapes.

Composed of 22 different garden spaces, each installation offers a completely unique way of interacting with landscape. Each of the pieces displayed came from an international architecture competition where designers from Korea, Europe, South America and the U.S. submitted proposals to be included in the final festival.

There are no rigid guidelines and designers are just asked to create something memorable, which means artists can get as crazy and creative as they want. Out of 293 proposals submitted this year, six teams were selected as winning designs, comprising an eclectic mix of playful, bizarre and beautiful creations.

The site is called Jardins de Metis, or the Redford Gardens in English, but these gardens aren’t so much plant- focused as they are about the art and conceptual design.

This festival creates a unique relationship between the visual arts, architecture, landscape, design and nature. Maybe the gardens invite the viewer to consider the impact of humanity on the planet or maybe they just delight with bright colors and incredible designs. Either way we are completely enthralled by this real-life Wonderland experience.

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(Photos via Design Boom)