It looks like season 15 of Grey鈥檚 Anatomy is going to be an eventful one for the series鈥 leading lady. Meredith will not only find love again but also face the return of someone from her past. According to Entertainment Weekly, Jeff Perry is set to reprise his role as her estranged father, Thatcher Grey.

As fans know all too well, Thatcher and Meredith have had a shaky relationship throughout the series, as he was not a part of her life for most of her childhood. After splitting from Meredith鈥檚 mother, Ellis Grey, Thatcher went on to have two more daughters, Lexie and Molly, with his second wife, Susan. Thanks to both Susan and Lexie, Thatcher and Meredith began to take steps to repair their relationship in season 3 鈥 only to be derailed by Susan鈥檚 death, which Thatcher blamed on Meredith and the hospital. Her passing drove him to drink, and although he went to rehab, he eventually needed a liver transplant, which Meredith donated.

He returned with a younger girlfriend in season 7, at which time he was suffering from a kidney stone that needed to be removed, but that was the last we saw of him.

As of now, we don鈥檛 know the reason behind Thatcher鈥檚 return or how long he鈥檒l be around. But we do know that a lot has changed in his daughter鈥檚 life since he was last on the show. Both Lexie and Meredith鈥檚 husband, Derek, have died in the intervening years, and Mer now has three young kids. Granted, Thatcher was never very involved in Meredith鈥檚 life, but it鈥檚 hard to imagine that this reunion won鈥檛 be somewhat tense.

Perry鈥檚 upcoming stint as Thatcher follows the end of his time on Scandal, where he played Cyrus Beene. The actor took on the role of Beene in 2012, a year after his last appearance on Grey鈥檚.

Grey鈥檚 Anatomy season 15 will premiere on Thursday, September 27, at 8/7c on ABC.

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