This past weekend at Re:Make (AKA the coooolest creativity event out there – just sayin’), the badass Jen Gotch came to chat with conference attendees about her journey to success. If you’re not yet familiar with Jen, she’s the powerhouse behind one of our favorite brands, She’s also a must-follow over on Instagram. With a powerpoint as adorable as everything she sells, Jen told 550 attendees about how she tried a bunch of different careers and found success followed by failure, giving us all some serious career lessons in the thirty minutes she was on stage. As she was wrapping up, she pulled up a slide titled, “Exactly 6 Things You Can Do When Things Kinda Suck.” She told the crowd, “Inevitably as your business grows, there’s going to be some really suck-ass days, and I’m big on morale, so here’s some stuff that I thought you guys could take a picture of and remember.”


1. Listen to a playlist. Because sometimes nothing is better than putting on headphones and zoning out to your favorite tunes. Jen says that when they’re having a bad day at the office, they put on the song “Ice Cream and Cake.” “It has like 8,000 beats per minute,” she says. “It might be better than drugs.”

2. Spritz yourself with rosewater. Sometimes you just need a little bit of a refresher, ya know? To all the dudes in the audience, Jen said, “Do it in another room. Don’t do it in public, but it will make you feel better within seconds.”

3. Take a field trip. “Get out of the office. If you can, go to Disneyland. I highly recommend Disneyland,” Jen says. If you’re not in Florida or the LA area, maybe head to the movies, take a scenic stroll or a mini road trip — just do something that takes you away from your everyday routine.


4. Keep your eye on the prize. Okay, ladies, prepare yourself for a serious career lesson here. Jen says, “Set your goals — put them in a visual place. Refer to them; go back to them time and time again. When you’re feeling lost, remember why you’re doing it and what you want to achieve, because goals are extremely important, and they’re really good for driving you when things don’t feel so great.”

5. Give a compliment. Jen says, “Sometimes when things are going wrong, it’s really easy to kind of look to lay blame, whether that’s to yourself or your employees or society as a whole. Flip that around and find one thing to be grateful for or one thing to praise someone for. That always seems to work for me.”

6. Drugs. Okay. Not those kinds of drugs, but here’s what Jen had to say about this: “I’m not talking about street drugs. I’m talking about talking to a doctor if maybe you’re feeling a little bit anxious. You just get a prescription and you solve that.” We vote you give “Ice Cream and Cake” a listen first, but if things are really taking a turn for the worse, talking to a professional is never a bad thing to try.

What do you do when you’re having a really terrible day? Share with us in the comments below.

Photography: Lindsey Freitas