When two hot mamas with killer wardrobes hang out, you just know there’s bound to be some over the top outfits involved. Last night, Kim Kardashian West attended “Taco Wednesday” at none other than Jennifer Lopez’s abode — and by the looks of it, we’ve all been doing taco night attire wrong.

The hostess dazzled in a black and purple striped shirt and pants ensemble from Gucci’s 2018 Cruise line. The 48-year-old paired the crystal-encrusted garb — which retails for $7,680 — with mile long hair and sky high black heels. In a word, this look is a lil bit #extra for a cozy night in.

Needless to say, KKW was all for the pop singer’s getup. “Who else would host Taco Wednesday in this outfit?” the selfie queen asked on Snapchat, panning over JLo’s look, “This gorgeous girl!”

Luckily, KKW got the memo and glammed it up herself. The reality star donned an equally outrageous outfit consisting of a black tube top, black pants, and — wait for it — a $19,000(!) fox fur jacket, also from Gucci, which features a massive snake embroidery on the inner flap.

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