Some of the most memorable Emmys moments ever have come in the form of comedy. Stephen Colbert left his mark on the 2017 ceremony with his killer opening bit and monologue. And comedian Jermaine Fowler is making waves too, with his hilarious voiceover announcements.

Announcers are a staple of awards shows, often, well, announcing the presenters and calling winners to the stage to accept their awards. The voiceovers are typically scripted and formal, and the people behind the voices are kept out of sight. This year, CBS decided to switch things up by giving the gig to Fowler, the star of their sitcom Superior Donuts, and letting his personality shine.

“What most awards shows do is have the announcer locked in a closet reading from a script on cue,” Jack Sussman, CBS Entertainment EVP for music and live events, told Deadline. “What we will do is have Jermaine be an active part of the show. He will be connected with what’s happened on the telecast and what happens next. What we want to do is get a peek behind the curtain in a fun, engaging way.”

Fowler is, of course, reading from a script, but he’s also flexing his improv comedy skills and reacting to the show as it happens. He’s been audibly excited by some of the presenters and winners — “Get it, Laura Dern!” comes to mind — and when the camera pans to him, he’s clearly having fun.

Some people are loving the energy:

But others aren’t wild about it:

Whether you like the switch or not, kudos to CBS for trying something new and shaking things up a little. Fowler shouldn’t be too worried about any haters, of course: The second season of Superior Donuts premieres on CBS on October 30, 2017.

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(Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty)