The technology that鈥檚 being integrated into today鈥檚 kid gear is truly unreal. These days, you can find everything from NASA-grade baby products to coding gadgets in your kiddo鈥檚 toy bin. But there hasn鈥檛 been a real update to the stuffed animal since Mr. Teddy Ruxpin in the 鈥80s. Now your tiny tot鈥檚 beloved fluffy teddy can get a major healthy and techy upgrade. Meet your child鈥檚 new best friend, Jerry the Bear.


Described by his creators as a 鈥減rofessional snuggler鈥 whose 鈥渟uper powers are revealed to his special friend only,鈥 this teddy bear is actually a device used to help kids with their health and wellness. Your child (three years and older) can do all sorts of activities with Jerry, from feeding him and checking his health to gauging his mood and more. Your little one learns responsibility, along with basic pediatric care and vocabulary to prepare your child for any potential health questions.


It鈥檚 not all stats and vitals though. Jerry and your wee one can have meal time together, read Jerry-specific books alongside each other and establish play patterns that help add up to healthier habits. For example, if Jerry wants a nutritious meal, your child can give it to him, which might in turn inspire him or her to ask for one from you.

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Jerry was originally created to help kids with Type-1 diabetes establish good practices and learn about the body鈥檚 response and care. The creators have since expanded to a regular 鈥淗ealth + Wellness Jerry鈥 and a 鈥淔ood Allergies Jerry,鈥 which even comes with an Epi pen for the bear. Jerry currently only speaks English and 鈥淢agic Forest Animal,鈥 but there鈥檚 potential for Jerry to learn new languages, as the software could be updated with more features in the future. These toys begin shipping in summer of 2016, and at $99+, they could be a good investment to help your child set up some healthy habits.

If you struggle with Type-1 diabetes or food allergies with your child, we鈥檇 love to hear what healthy habits you keep. Tell us in the comments!