Lisa Frank doesn’t have a thing on @Jesiiii — our newest Instagrammaker obsession is all about that color. Garnering inspiration from “tattoo art and clever puns,” this Midwestern illustrator, painter and all-around wood-artiste infuses bold hues into every piece of whimsical jewelry, plush toy, bag and print she creates. Head over to Instagram to watch her do her thang in hyper-lapsed action (she frequently posts Insta-vids showcasing her work), boost your mood or find your next DIY purchase (some of her wares are up for grabs on Etsy), but first, check out a few of our fave pieces below!


1. Hand-Painted Laser Wood Cut Brooch ($20): This pizza-themed pin is a little slice of Heaven.


2. Hand-Painted Laser Cut Wood Teacup Stack Ring ($16): These rings are totally collectible, and at that price, you can rock one on every finger.


3. Hand-Painted Laser Wood Cut clever Little Fox Necklace ($25): Channel your inner fox with this cute little chain necklace.

you gota

4. You Goat This Art Print ($25): There’s nothing quite so inspiring as a motivational goat.

treat yo'self

5. Treat Yo’self Painting ($65): A wise, Chappelle-ian man once said “Treat Yo’self,” and we couldn’t agree more.

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(Photos via @jesiii)