Give Your Bedroom the Royal Treatment With 15 Jewel Tone Ideas
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Give Your Bedroom the Royal Treatment With 15 Jewel Tone Ideas

Come on over to the dark side and embrace some moodiness in your bedroom this year with deep jewel tones like teal, navy blue, amethyst purple and emerald green. Sure, light and neutral bedrooms are calm and serene, but rich colors can make the room feel like a palace. Whether it’s jewel-toned walls or pops of color, these hues will take your oasis to the next level. If you’re ready to give your bedroom the royal treatment, here are 15 jewel-a-licious bedrooms done right.

1. Navy and Fuchsia: Contemporary and cozy, navy blue walls create a warm mood and the perfect backdrop for pink accents. (via Lonny)

2. Purple Accent Wall: Give your bedroom the royal treatment by painting one wall a rich color like purple and keeping the rest of the decor light and bright. (via Amazing Interior Design)

3. Boho Jewels: A mostly white bedroom can still rock the jewel tones with colorful bedding, rugs and lampshades. (via Amberth)

4. Deep Blue: Don’t be scared to go blue. If you have natural light and keep the accessories unique and delicate, a navy bedroom can be absolutely stunning. (via Elle Decor)

5. Cool Tones: If orange and pink aren’t your thing, try teal and lavender accents to imbue a sense of peace and calm. With this muted jewel color scheme, there’s no risk of going overboard with prints and patterns. So go wild! (via House Beautiful)

6. Girly Pinks: We are totally digging the textured lavender wallpaper and tribal throw pillows in this feminine-chic room. (via Style Me Pretty)

7. Teal and Red: Jewel tones are the perfect way to blend his and her wants in the master bedroom. Bring in floral accents with duvets and pillows to add your own style. (via Helen Punton)

8. Indian Theme: Accent dark walls with oriental fabrics and textures to create an exotic mood. The oranges and pinks found in most Indian fabrics are the perfect color palette for a blue bedroom. (via Apartment Therapy)

9. Teal and Ruby: Teal may not be your first thought when it comes to a master bedroom color, but this gorgeous, dark blue-green is the perfect shade for a vintage room. Complete the look with a tufted headboard, layered rugs and pops of ruby or coral. (via Lonny)

10. Emerald Green: Even a small room looks amazing in jewel tones. Add some botanical artwork to these emerald walls and you’ll have an elegant room that is full of good vibes. (via Lonny)

11. Moroccan Reading Nook: Everything about the colors in this space makes us want to curl up with a good book. Extra points for those of you who coordinate flowers with your room’s color palette. (via Dalliance Design)

12. Surprising Color Combos: Who would’ve thought a lime green rug could look so chic? That bright ocean blue is also the perfect background for a dramatic gallery wall. (via Domino)

13. White Chic: Instead of painting the walls, try a less permanent option and get a huge area rug and accent bedding. We are loving the rich red-magenta-orange color scheme going on in this oasis. (via Brides)

14. Boldly Blue: Here, an antique red rug balances out dark blue walls. And that all-white bedding practically makes the bed glow, doesn’t it? (via Domino)

15. Bollywood Glam: Channel some Eastern vibes with a bold ruby red headboard and dark blue walls. Lavender pillows and lampshades add a lighter touch to this oh-so-vibrant bedroom. (via House Beautiful)

Do you prefer your bedroom light and bright or dark and moody? Talk to us in the comments below!