When you鈥檙e looking for ways to keep the guests entertained over the holidays, who better to use for inspiration than Jimmy Fallon? After all, he did just win Entertainer of the Year from EW. Years of honing uncanny impressions, laughing at his own jokes and improvising sketches have led Jimmy Fallon to create our favorite part of TheTonight Showcelebrity games. We just HAVE to try these Fallon favorites with our families and friends at this year鈥檚 holiday parties.


1. The Sibling-wed Game: Newlyweds, step aside. Sibling knowledge is way more extensive, often embarrassing and almost always hilarious, as we saw between Chris Evans and his brother Scott Evans. 鈥淢eanest prank ever played鈥 is a very, very good place to start for a night of giggles.


2. Catchphrase: When you鈥檝e got a family that spans several generations, Catchphrase is the great unifier. A little bit Password, a little bit Hot Potato, you and your partner have to get each other to guess sayings, which becomes crazy hard when the timer is running. Just ask Jennifer Garner, John Mulaney and Questlove.


3. Five-Second Summaries: Got a super competitive family? Describe the plot of a movie in under five seconds鈥 or turn it into an extreme lightning round by doing it in one second, 谩 la the A-MAH-ZING 鈥淗oney, I Shrunk the Kids鈥 clue sung by Andy Samberg.


4. Faceketball: For a little DIY action in your holiday party prep, throw together these rudimentary face hoops and act like little kids again with your cousins. The construction is pretty easy, but it seems the game is trickier than it looks.

Box of Lies

5. Box of Lies: This has become a Tonight Show staple, since everyone from Emma Stone to Channing Tatum has played it, including our fave silly celeb, J.Law. We think it will translate really well if you鈥檙e spending the holidays at a relative鈥檚 house full of tchotchkes.

Musical Beers

6. Musical Beers: It鈥檚 not the holiday season without a boozy party or two (y鈥檏now, to make the most of those tacky Christmas sweaters). When you鈥檙e all getting a bit bored of beer pong, graduate to the musical chairs version for a messy good time.

Battle Shots

7. Battle Shots: Oh, college holiday parties are gonna have A LOT of fun with this one. It鈥檚 not exactly the type of game you play with the 鈥榬ents (or maybe you do, which is pretty awesome), but if you鈥檙e not going home for the holidays, then it鈥檒l be a 鈥淗IT!鈥 with your friends.

Water War

8. Water War: Okay, time to sober up from all those drinking games. Take this one as far away from the Christmas dinner table as possible, because with every card you draw, someone鈥檚 getting a glass of water to the face. LiLo got the last laugh against Jimmy, but Ryan Reynolds鈥 not so much.

Egg Russian Roulette

9. Egg Russian Roulette: Choose wisely, unlike David Beckham here, who instantly drew an unlucky egg and got a huge LOL out of Jimmy. We鈥檙e guessing this will not be a look Becks features in his new lifestyle brand.

Lip Sync Battle

10. Lip Sync Battle: We could never leave this modern classic off the list 鈥 not since Joseph Gordon Levitt made our hearts go boom-badoom-boom, and definitely not after Emma Stone freakin鈥 killed it this past year.

Truth or truth: Which Tonight Show game is going to make an appearance at your holiday party? Share your family鈥檚 favorites in the comments.