Ah, the microwave: a bastion of hope for the hopeless cooks among us. We can now make all sorts of things in mugs in the microwave, and we can even make things in our space-deprived dorm rooms thanks to the ubiquitous gadget. But your microwave cooking skills are about to get a major upgrade thanks to British cookware company Joseph Joseph and their new line of microwave-specific gadgets called (naturally) M Cuisine.

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According to Wired, this cookware really will revolutionize the way you think about the microwave. The collection of six cookware pieces is designed to help you go beyond the frozen burrito to something akin to a real meal. Craving poached eggs? Not a problem with M Cuisine egg poacher ($12). Want to make a rice dish with steamed veggies and sauteed fish? You can do that with these modular pieces that are easy to clean and, of course, microwave safe.

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For something like a seemingly complicated pasta dish, you can keep adding bowls to the stackable cooking set ($42) depending on how long each part of the recipe takes to cook (for example, pasta would go in first in the bottom bowl, and then any quick-cooking veggies and protein in the next stacked bowl), leaving behind a minimal mess in your kitchen.

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For people living in busy cities or in teeny tiny dorm rooms, this could change the way you think about food. Or at the very least help you to prepare a meal that is fast, easy and nutritious. We’ll be adding that egg poacher to our cart… now!

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