Ever felt like your secret calling was the circus? (Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?) Or maybe you have freakishly good balance and are looking for a new workout challenge? Regardless of your hidden talents or your feelings toward unicycles, Inventist has created a universal one-wheeled wonder to make riding a breeze. It’s now raising funds on Kickstarter, and we must admit, it looks pretty fun.

An invention born from another invention (a motorized unicycle), the Lunicycle is a fresh spin sans the typical seat. Yes, sans seat. Now, we know what you’re thinking. “Wouldn’t that be harder to ride?” Shane Chen, founder of Inventist, fixed that problem. He worked and reworked the design to create a smoother ride that doesn’t lose its momentum thanks to a slightly oval-shaped wheel.

And the crowd goes wild. Chen and crew have almost double their Kickstarter goal. Pledge $150 and you can have dibs on the first run. When they hit stores, they’ll be priced at $180, which makes it a bit of investment. If you were just looking to try it out, perhaps you can start by getting your circus fix via decorating and ease into your unicycling days later.

Tell us, would you take this wheel for a spin?