What if the solution to all that ails us — including overweight, allergies, fatigue, depression and digestive issues — is at our fingertips. The fingertips carrying food to our mouths. This is the thinking behind juice cleanses. The premise is that our bodies’ natural detoxification system, which has the potential to heal, restore, regenerate even, is so bombarded with chemicals from our environment and pesticides and other irritants in the foods we eat that it never gets a break. If we were to give it a break, coupled with some much-needed nutrients and boosters, we could accelerate our bodies’ natural detoxification system’s healing magic. The result would be less inflammation in the body. And inflammation is the root of all disease. Makes a lot of sense, huh? Want to give it a shot? Well, we have researched and reviewed 10 of the best juice cleanses online. You’re welcome!

If you’d rather try a DIY juicing option, our 2016 juicing guide offers a breakdown of common juicing ingredients, such as aloe vera, and explains how each contributes natural healing properties.

Whatever you do, “choose a cleanse wisely for your constitution,” advises licensed herbalist, acupuncturist and Chinese nutritionist, Neka Pasquale, founder of Urban Remedy. “For example, if you have blood sugar issues, I wouldn’t recommend doing a cleanse full of fruit juices,” she explains. “Instead, I would recommend a low glycemic green juice cleanse that will keep your blood sugar balanced as well as give your body a break from everyday inflammatory foods.” In our guide to everything you ever wanted to know about juice cleanses, Pasquale clears up some common misconceptions about juicing and shares two of her favorite juicing recipes, gratis.

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