June — it’s that time of year when school lets out, the days start to get a little bit longer and warmer (for most of us) and, of course, summer officially begins! If you are planning on welcoming a little bundle of joy this month but haven’t quite decided on that perfect name, or if you are winging it until you find out the actual sex, these top 14 June-inspired baby names are sure to add a little creative inspiration to stir the pot.



1. Calinda: Take after Shakira and go with a gender-neutral name like Calinda for your boy. It’s Hindi for “sun,” and we’re thinking Cal would be an adorable nickname.

2. Miles: June is African-American Music Month, so naming your little dude after jazz great Miles Davis would be super smooth.

3. Keegan: If you’re looking for something a little more unique, try some Gaelic or Celtic names on for size. Keegan means “little fire” in Gaelic and would be perfect for your little firecracker.

4. Jared: No, this is not for our ’90s crush Jared Leto. Jared is actually the Hebrew word for “rose,” which is one of the many flowers that bloom in June.

5. West: Whether you’re a Kanye fan or not (born June 8), West is definitely a strong name for your little guy.

6. Nikko: Japanese for “sunlight,” this name is both unique andsummer inspired.

7. Liam: This name means “warrior” or “protector,” which seems fitting for badass actor Liam Neeson (born June 7).



1. Alexandria: Alex, Alexa, Andria or Lexi are just a few of the many nicknames that go along with this beautiful moniker. It’s also short for Alexandrite, which is one of June’s three birthstones.

2. Solange: Not only is Queen Bey’s little sis born in June, but her name also means “angel of the sun” in French, making it perfect for any summer-born babe.

3. Gemma: A nod to the astrological sign Gemini, this sweet name is great for your June baby.

4. Pearl: Also a June birthstone, this name is super sweet and becoming a popular-again classic.

5. Kyra: Your sweet little babe is the light of your life. Let the world know with a name that means “sun” in Egyptian and Persian.

6. Iggy: If you are as into this fancy lady from down under (born June 7) as much as we are, why not commemorate her #girlboss attitude and killer style by naming your little star after her?

7. Daisy: Looking for a summery name that’s inspired by literature? This floral name is just the thing for your little girl.

What June-inspired name are you loving? Are there any summery names that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!