We almost let the beginning of June slip right by without giving a nod to the latest batch of innovative Kickstarter projects! We’ve got a lot of tech-related products in this round of goodness, as well as a crazy convenient way to make your own Greek yogurt. Enjoy!

1. Digital Shades Powered By Your Smartphone: Ready for the future? This is a digital shade that switches from opaque to clear in less than a second, powered by your smartphone! Instead of being a whole new piece of glass, it is a film that you can apply to any glass. The app allows users to turn the shade on and off. A starter kit’ll set you back $65.

2. Atom Multipurpose Tool: Fancy yourself a Mr. or Ms. Fix-It? Then you’ve gotta be prepared at all times. Are you ready for all the tools the Atom can be? Here we go! Bottle opener, hex bolt wrench set, ruler set (imperial and metric), flat head screw driver set, Philips head screw driver set, pry bar, hex bit driver, protractor, cross-cut coarse file, single-cut fine file, and ripping tool. 15 tools for $15? We’ll take it.

3. Dash Greek Yogurt Maker: Love Greek yogurt? Like… a lot? All you need is milk, plain yogurt, and $39 to get going on the homemade yogurt train. Best of all, you can use non-dairy yogurts as well as fun add-ins.

4. Color Splashed Camera Filters: For the photogs among you, we’re loving this set of color splashed camera filters. They create soft, romantic hues, and can be used on their own, in pairs, or all three at once. We love the warm, summery tones the filters create. Pledge $95 for all 3.

5. iCoil: No one likes messy or tangled cords. This little $10 doodad will keep your earbuds coiled up and ready to go whenever it’s time for a dance party… of one.

6. The Belll: Add this one to your list of fun bike gadgets, The Belll is a customizable bike bell that resists weather, comes in any color, with any graphic, or even with a photo of your favorite pup.

7. Windcatcher Air Pad: This crazy air mattress contraption is a pad that inflates in seconds with no power or pumping. You don’t even have to put your mouth on the valve to inflate it! Each time you blow into the Windcatcher, the fast moving air stream from your mouth draws in the surrounding air, amplifying your power to inflate. We have to admit, we don’t totally understand the science behind this but we’re definitely intrigued.

8. Bubblepod: Remember when everyone was freaking about Cycloramic, the app that uses your phone’s vibrate function to turn your phone 360 degrees while filming or taking photos? The Bubblepod is kind of like that, but way more reliable and can be used on any surface. It mounts onto any standard tripod and includes a wine bottle mount – genius!

9. Smart Cargo iPad Storage Case: This might just make traveling with your iPad even easier. It’s a storage attachment that works with the Apple Smart Case and holds your charger, earbuds, stylus etc. It also makes it easy to hold your iPad in general, especially when reading.

10. Grown in the Garden State Playing Cards: Forget about Snooki and The Situation, there are way more awesome, iconic folks that hail from Jersey, and now there’s an entire deck of cards celebrating it! Love it.

Bonus! Superfly Pockets: We’ve seen attachable pockets before… but never with a photo of bear with a pocket. So… there’s that :)

Have you ever funded anything on Kickstarter? What was your experience like? Talk to us in the comments below.