Kanye West caused such a massive uproar when he “Imma let you finish”d Taylor Swift back in the day, claiming that Beyoncé should have won instead (sparking a never-ending roller-coaster of a feud), that it seemed like no other celeb would ever repeat the sticky sitch. But Justin Timberlake, who speaks his mind when he feels it’s the right thing to do (though he’s sometimes muted, even while trying to reach out to LGBTQ youth), has just totally pulled a Kanye move on Beyoncé and Adele over Album of the Year.

Justin Timberlake

When Adele took home the top Grammys prize this year, even she admitted that Beyoncé was the rightful owner of the industry award. Whether or not you agree, JT certainly has his own opinion. He doesn’t agree with Adele that Beyoncé should have won. But he also doesn’t think that Adele should have taken home the honor. He thinks neither of them deserved to win.

Adele and Beyonce

Rather, Justin Timberlake thinks that Frank Ocean had the best album of the entire year and apparently felt like the entire world (or at least the 58+ million folks following him on Twitter) needed to know.

The only problem? Frank Ocean didn’t enter his album into the Grammys race and therefore had no chance of winning. Though he certainly had his reasons for refusing to participate (“I’d rather this be my Colin Kaepernick moment.”), the fact that he wasn’t even in the running not only makes JT’s opinion null and void, it also kinda unnecessarily throws shade at Adele and Beyoncé for no particular reason. Ouch.

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(h/t Elite Daily; photos via Rich Polk + Christopher Polk/Getty)