Woodworkers create some of our favorite natural wonders. And by natural wonders we mean tech accessories, vases, bow ties and jewelry. Co-owner of Brooklyn-based design and woodworking studio Kahokia Aaron Black (along with his co-owner, artist Dan Bina), sat down with us to tell us about the inner workings of his products that are all about helping you organize and design your workspace.

Tell us about yourselves.

I’m a builder and photographer living in Brooklyn with a long history of creating beautiful indoor and outdoor living spaces. I’m inclined to simplicity and organization with a love of good beer, good people and community. Dan is an artist/designer living in Brooklyn with deep suburban Chicago roots. He has an aversion to the ugly and licorice and a love for chocolate, soups and NY pizza.

Why did you decide to start Kahokia?

We began by talking on our lunch breaks in the basement of a fine art auction house in Manhattan. Our first product, the Manity, was the result of finding a simple yet good-looking solution to store our personal watches and sunglasses.

Why do you love to make?

Because wood is good! Well-made things are not only beautiful but they keep us humble.

What is your current favorite product in your shop?

Our kitchen goods; we love food. Our serving boards are used regularly in our homes for good cheese.

What other creative hobbies do you have?

Dan is an artist and designer. I’m a photographer and hobby mixologist… I once crafted an exotic collection of infused vodkas.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Japanese and mid-century design aesthetic, beer, science fiction, dance, movement and space keep us interested and exploring new things.

What’s one piece of advice you’d share with other makers?

Procure the very best materials and tools you can afford. A great maker once said, “It’s the duty of every crafts person to discard an inferior tool for the sake of the next user.” As makers, we need good tools. They help take us from concept to the physical realization of a design. If you use the right tool for the job, you come out on top every time.

What’s up next for Kahokia?

Everything from growing relationships and figuring out our market to building a credenza for good friends here in Brooklyn. We love doing work for good people who share our passions.

These beautiful wood products are available at the Brit + Co Shop!