Ever since Ben and Lauren walked into the sunset together, we鈥檝e been left with a huge hole in our hearts 鈥 er, our Monday nights. The next season of The Bachelorette will return soon enough (it鈥檚 not too early to start planning a viewing party though, right?), but if you鈥檙e itching for some updates from that reality show realm, season 11鈥檚 star Kaitlyn Bristowe has just collaborated with graphic designer Chelcey Tate on a fashion + home decor collection that鈥檚 all kinds of cute.


The collection (which dropped just yesterday) is comprised of tees, tank tops, mugs, water bottles and a bunch of prints. All the merch features quippy sayings like 鈥淭he snuggle is real鈥 and 鈥渕essy bun + get 鈥榚r done.鈥 Bristowe came up with the fun slogans while Tate put her design chops to work to make them beautiful.


What鈥檚 the inspiration behind these sayings? Bristowe tells us, 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 think too hard about it. They鈥檙e either honest thoughts or just things that pop into my head. It was time to bring them to life! I鈥檓 always thinking of ways to make people laugh, so I have to say, this came pretty naturally to me.鈥

She goes on to say something that we bet all makers out there can relate to, 鈥淭he best part of the process was seeing my thoughts framed. Sounds simple and a little silly, but that鈥檚 honestly what it was. The little things that make me laugh can now be shared with others. I鈥檓 all about getting people to crack a smile.鈥

IMG_6082 copy

Whether you鈥檙e looking for a gift for your bestie, a housewarming present for your co-worker or a fun addition to your summer wardrobe, this is collection is where it鈥檚 at. If you鈥檙e having trouble deciding what to snatch up, Kaitlyn says the 鈥淢ug Life鈥 mug is her favorite from the collection and Chelcey says she鈥檚 partial to the 鈥淢essy Bun + Get 鈥楨r Done鈥 tee. Shop the collection in full here!

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(Photos via Haaken Reed)