We know celebrities are more than willing to indulge in questionable health and beauty techniques (Gwyneth Paltrow purposely being stung by bees comes to mind because, OMG), but some are actually paying one woman to BITE them. Yep, you read that right. Super stars like Kanye West and Katy Perry are among the rich and famous who employ “Dr. Dot” to nibble away at their bods in the name of massage.

Katy Perry

In the biting biz for more than 30 years, Dorothy Stein was first instructed as a child by her mother to use her teeth for a deeper, more intense massage. Ignoring the nasty germs + bacteria = possible infection logic of the sitch (not to mention the WTF-ness potential), Dorothy began her career back in the ‘80s, mixing her two loves of music and massage together to form one heck of a career.

“Massage and music [were] instilled in me early on,” she told Billboard recently, adding, “I went to every Def Leppard show and massaged them. I built a network with those people and eventually started massaging bands to get into shows.” Perhaps not the normal career path, it worked for Dorothy, who was soon deemed “Dr. Dot” by Frank Zappa himself.

Kanye West

Now working her deep-tissue massage dental magic on celebs like Kanye and Katy, Dr. Dot has also taken a bite out of stars like Eminem, David Bowie and Courtney Love. If you want to get into the chomping action, it’ll cost you $150 to $250 an hour, because apparently getting bitten by a pro is that good.

Not all celebs are a fan of the nibbles, though. “I’m not just going to bite someone,” Dot assures us. “Mariah Carey didn’t want it. She’s a germophobe.” And although Simon Cowell went in for the dental delight, “He didn’t want it too hard.” Makes sense… maybe. *shrugs*

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(h/t Jezebel; photos via Ian Gavan, Frazer Harrison, Kevin Winter/Getty)