Karen Holst has always loved working with products, so her position as a product manager creating a learning platform at IDEO U is ideal for her. It focuses on the intersection of technology and education, aka her jam. IDEO U is an online school that fosters creativity through design and collaboration. Before being a boss at IDEO U, Karen was the co-founder of MyEdu, a service that helps students manage college and the important job hunt once they graduate. She’s also passionate about large-scale data, volunteerism, marathoning and swimming — we think it’s safe to say she’s a busy woman. We are thrilled to welcome Karen to the Re:Make stage (this Friday September 11!) to get creative like we never have before. We got the chance to talk with her — see what she had to say below.

This is how I start my day:

Walk the puppy, check in on calendar, email and Asana. Sometimes in that order, most times multi-tasking during the walk.

What advice would you give an intern on the first day at their dream job?

When asked, say yes.

What is your secret to overcoming creative block and finding productivity?

Thinking about extremes! How would my grandma do this?

What inspires you and where do you go to find it?

The outdoors! I love to get inspiration while on long walks with the dog — in the city, Baker Beach, Presidio, wherever!

What apps do you use daily?

The Regulars: Flipboard, Sunrise, Slack, Asana

Awesomer: Hype Machine, GIF Toaster

Who is your favorite maker or someone who’s up and coming and doing something really cool in your field?

Tina Roth Eisenberg. She’s a Swiss designer and the founder of swissmiss, Studiomates, CreativeMornings, TeuxDeux and Tattly.

Here is a photo that fits the caption #iamcreative:

Latte art is my newest thing I’m trying. Keep in mind that I drink almond milk lattes. #iamcreative #earlyprototype #gottastartsomewhere

What is the last thing you made that you were really excited about?

Product! I love making and launching new products — our newest baby, IDEO U.

Want to ask Karen any questions? Share any you have for her in the comment section below.

(Photos via @kholst; featured photo @kholst)