Proof That Kate Middleton Loves Lululemon Just as Much as the Rest of Us
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Proof That Kate Middleton Loves Lululemon Just as Much as the Rest of Us

Kate Middleton is a princess. She lives in a palace, wears diamond tiaras, calls the queen Grandma… all that jazz. We’re not under any delusion that her daily life is at all similar to ours. However, as far as royals go, Kate has time and time again proven that she’s about the most down-to-earth princess that ever was. She shot those photos of George and Charlotte herself, she wears maternity dresses from ASOS and, rumor has it, she even does all the cooking for her family. Cementing her title of “chillest princess ever,” Kate recently stepped out in an outfit we’ve probably all worn already this week: yoga pants and sneakers.

While visiting a Lululemon store in Chelsea (one of London’s poshest ‘hoods), Kate sported the same “off-duty” look we’re guilty of wearing all weekend – except it appears hers is worth a little bit more. According to the Daily Mail, copying her entire look would ended up costing you £3,028 ($4,248). Her perfect blowout was paired with an Alice Temperley vest and turtleneck, a classic Tod’s handbag and a pair Asics running sneakers.

Okay, so stars aren’t exactly like us, but hey, after seeing this snap and that amazing photo of Adele at Target, we’re starting to realize their lives aren’t quite as different from ours as we thought.

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(Feature Photo via Brendon Thorne/Getty)