If there’s one word to describe Kate Middleton, it’s #flawless. The duchess is always glowing, whether she’s glamming it up on the red carpet or rocking maternity wear from ASOS. Well, it turns out, there’s a sweet secret to her gorg skin, and it’s probably hiding in the back of your kitchen cabinet RN. Last week, a beauty guru to the royals revealed that the duchess gives herself DIY Nutella facials. A choco-licious DIY facial, say wha? Yep, we’re talking that same yummy chocolate spread we all heart to drown our sorrows in after a hard day. Here are the deets.

We already knew Nutella could magically satisfy our choco cravings with nothing more than a spoon. But hazelnuts are also amazing for your skin, whether you eat them by the handful or use hazelnut oil to balance out your complexion. The palm oil in Nutella also contains vitamin E to fight free radicals. So far, so good.


There are a few issues here though. If you’re prone to breakouts, this thick spread may actually clog your pores more. Plus, it’s so sticky… and not at all easy to remove. If you still want to get in on this, try mixing Nutella with yogurt and other good stuff by following the recipe in this video below. Who knows, you might be on your way to royally sweet skin.

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(Photo via Chris Jackson/Getty)