Last week, model Kate Uptonspoke out about her time working with mega-brand Guess and the company鈥檚 boss, Paul Marciano, and what she had to say wasn鈥檛 quite positive. In a Twitter post, she shaded the company and its co-founder/creative director Marciano, saying, 鈥淚t鈥檚 disappointing that such an iconic women鈥檚 brand @GUESS is still empowering Paul Marciano as their creative director,鈥 adding the #MeToo hashtag but went into greater detail this week, accusing the boss of sexual misconduct.

鈥淚鈥檓 not going to let him intimidate me anymore,鈥 Upton told聽Time of her former boss Marciano. In an exclusive interview with the mag, Upton shared a number of harrowing stories in which she accuses the brains behind the Guess brand of fondling her, forcibly trying to kiss her, and using verbal and physical intimidation tactics against her.

鈥淎fter the first day of shooting the Guess Lingerie campaign [on July 25, 2010], Paul Marciano said he wanted to meet with me,鈥 Upton recalled to Time. 鈥淎s soon as I walked in with photographer Yu Tsai, Paul came straight up to me, forcibly grabbed my breasts and started feeling them 鈥 playing with them actually. After I pushed him away, he said, 鈥業鈥檓 making sure they鈥檙e real.'鈥

Upton goes on to say that during that shoot, Marciano continued to try and fondle, kiss, and touch her body basically everywhere, even in front of photographer Tsai, whom she asked to stay in the room with her in a secret text message.

鈥淚 had two options,鈥 Upton explains. 鈥淒o everything I could to wiggle away and avoid his pursuit, or punch the CEO of Guess. So I decided to just wiggle away.鈥

While Marciano continued to pursue her, even showing up at her hotel, Upton declined her boss鈥檚 advances until she was told by her modeling agency that the company was firing her from the campaign for 鈥済etting too fat.鈥 Although Upton was rehired by Guess, she constantly had to fight off advances from Marciano, and, she says, was never really confirmed for bookings until the last possible moment.

Eventually, Tsai 鈥 Upton鈥檚 friend, protector, and Guess photographer 鈥 was fired (the photographer told Time that Upton鈥檚 account is accurate). The company brought in photographer Ellen von Unwerth on set with a new crew, and 25-year-old Upton says that the alleged abuse from Marciano ramped up. But after von Unwerth intervened on her behalf, Upton says Marciano eventually fired her too, calling her, 鈥渄isgusting.鈥 Von Unwerth told Time she doesn鈥檛 recall the incident.

Although she went on to model and segue into acting, Upton told Time that Marciano鈥檚 alleged abuse took its toll on her self-worth and self-esteem. 鈥淧aul used his power to make me feel insecure and powerless, but I鈥檓 not going to let him intimidate me anymore. These men think they are untouchable, but times are changing.鈥

Former Guess model Hailey Baldwin told聽People that she supports Upton. 鈥淏ecause [assault] happens, and it doesn鈥檛 happen like that to everybody, but unfortunately it happens to a lot more people than you think,鈥 says Baldwin. 鈥淚 think what she鈥檚 doing is amazing and I think that being able to speak out and speak up is important.鈥

Marciano told Time that the accusations are blatantly false, saying, 鈥淚 have never been alone with Kate Upton. I have never touched her inappropriately. Nor would I ever refer to a Guess model in such a derogatory manner.鈥 He added that he supports the #MeToo movement, but draws the line at personal attacks.

鈥淚 will not allow others to defame me and tarnish my reputation. I have pledged to Guess and its Board of Directors my full support and cooperation with a fair and impartial investigation.鈥

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(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Michael Kors)