Little Kayella Aschoff was adopted from a Colombian orphanage in 2011 by Ted and Jodi Aschoff when she was nine months old. Just three years later, she is #changingthefaceofbeauty after she attended an open casting call when Target was looking for kiddos to model in a campaign for a new children’s product.

Kayella was hand-picked out of the bunch and is now the adorable, shining face starring in the campaign for the retailer’s training pants. Let’s just say Target made the right casting decision, because this girl’s smile is contagious and she’s a total queen.

Kayella is not one to stray from the spotlight, Jodi Aschoff, the girl’s mother, explained to the Daily Mail. “She’s quite the ham. When you take a photo though, she has to check it and then says ‘cute picture’ or she’ll tell you to take another one!” This girl is basically our spirit animal — imagine what her selfie game ALREADY is.

October is #downsyndromeawareness month, so the timing of the ad is ideal because Jodi says she hopes it will spread awareness about Down syndrome and inspire others to reexamine what beauty means and looks like to them. Kayella is proof that you should never let your past define your future — we can’t wait to see where Kayella will pop up next.

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(h/t Daily Mail, photos via @MnJodi)