Season 14 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians continues to be a slow build to big things for our favorite brave family of working women as they strengthen their family bonds and keep us hopelessly attached to their daily lives. Endless baby speculation abounds while the show gives little indication (save for Khloe’s observation that her butt is getting big) that three of these sisters will bring forth more fashion savvy entrepreneurs into the world in 2018. We’re forced to sit back and enjoy day trips on the show while Kim in real time goes on a semi-naked Haribo run and declares selfies dead. Frankly, I ain’t that mad at this calm before the storm.

Kourtney invites Kendall over to dinner but Kendall says it will be too much of a mission to get to Kourtney’s house. Kourtney frets that she and Kendall used to be closer while Kim and Khloé suggest in an interview that Kourt and Kendall were never that close to begin with. Kourtney crashes lunch with Kris and Kendall and suggests that she and Kendall take a road trip to Santa Barbara and Kendall agrees. Kourtney panics because she’s put herself in a situation where she has to spend time alone with Kendall and asks Khloé to come along so that it doesn’t get awkward. Kourtney, you’re a grown woman with a new lease on life. Just enjoy some quality time with your troubled model sister!

Kim questions Khloé’s fashion choices, describing her as “trendy on steroids.” Kim tells Khloé that she wants to give her a makeover and Khloé tells her that plenty of people appreciate her sense of style. Kim, not having it, goes to Khloé’s house with Jonathan to repack Khloé’s suitcase for Santa Barbara with a Polaroid style guide to get Khloé to dress more like Kim. Khloé is initially annoyed, but Kim has styled her with clothes that Khloé already owns and Khloé gives in, eventually asking Kim to be her stylist. Kim declines because she is too busy, y’know, BEING A WORKING MOM.

Scott texts Kourtney early in the morning to let her know that he might be heading back to rehab and it’s all her fault. Kourtney doesn’t engage with Scott, mostly because she recognizes that Scott acts out the most in order to get her attention. In Santa Barbara, Kourtney gets bombarded with text messages from Scott’s friends, who are concerned that he’s spiraling. Kim goes over to Scott’s house, determines that he’s fine, and tells Kourtney to disengage. Good for Kourt, but isn’t it time that Scott just become a monk with no worldly possessions or contact with Kourtney? The kids can go visit him… if they must.

Kourtney, now unconcerned with Scott, is ready to enjoy her time with Kendall in Santa Barbara. Encouraged by a fan on Twitter, she and Khloé try to put chocolate in Kendall’s underwear while she sleeps so she thinks she’s had an accident in the morning, but Kendall wakes up, thwarting the plan. Shucks. The next day, they go on a wine tasting and Kourtney and Kendall get wasted and giggly before they can carbo-load at the charcuterie table. Khloé, sensing an opportunity, leaves Kendall and Kourtney alone to mud detox while they reconnect and agree to hang out more. Maybe Kourtney can save Kendall from doing ill-advised faux-woke soft drink commercials going forward!

On MVP watch, the jury’s still out. Kourtney gets knocked down a few rungs for getting too involved with Scott drama and needing Khloé to act as a buffer between her and Kendall, but next week’s Cannes visit with boyfriend Younes Bendjima will certainly help her get her groove back. Kim breaking into Khloé’s house seems counterproductive considering her own issues with breaching of privacy, but Khloé seemed to appreciate her style choices. Khloé is most MVP this episode by not flipping out on Kim’s forced style makeover and facilitating Kourtney and Kendall’s reconnection. Gosh, she’s going to be a great mother.

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