It’s hard to imagine there’s anything we don’t already know about the Kardashian-Jenners. Their mega-public lifestyle and reality TV-based fame give us plenty of insight into the famous family. And while big sis Kim kicks up feuds with the likes of Taylor Swift and little sis Kylie gets birthday gifts that could end up with Tyga being arrested, Kendall Jenner is busy focusing on her career, i.e. landing the biggest Vogue cover of the year. But Kendall has just set the record straight: There is, in fact, a heck of a lot that we don’t know about her in particular. From her hidden talent, to which of her siblings she thinks is funniest — not to mention the rumor that she’s having Justin Bieber’s baby (what?!) — you’ll definitely want to check out the info this Jenner is laying out.

Kendall Jenner

While taking a walk & talk with the peeps from Vogue for their 73 questions interview, Kendall showed us around her home, bumped into momager, Kris, and revealed all sorts of details about her life, herself and her celeb fam.

For instance, when asked which of her siblings is the funniest, Kendall assured us it’s Kylie, but only because of her extreme sarcasm. While revealing her secret talent, Kendall broke out in some truly unbelievable bird calls. Like, totally unbelievable.

However, it’s when she’s asked about the weirdest rumor she’s ever read about herself on the Internet that things got really weird. “That I’m having Justin Bieber’s spirit child.” WTF?!

Take a peek at the interview below for more Kendall deets and revelations.

No question was off limits when we visited Kendall Jenner at her mom's house. Find out the funniest thing she ever read about herself online, her hidden talent and more in our latest #73Questions:

Posted by Vogue on Tuesday, August 16, 2016

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