The news that Kendall Jenner had been robbed of $200K worth of jewelry certainly came as a shock, especially on the heels of the similarly scary incident her sister, Kim Kardashian West, suffered earlier this year. Kardashian West鈥檚 situation was suspected to be an inside job, with staff reportedly being fired over the matter, and now, as evidence is being gathered, it looks like Jenner鈥檚 robbery may also have had personal ties. Yikes! As if that wasn鈥檛 bad enough, it鈥檚 the model鈥檚 pals that are under suspicion.

Kendall Jenner _ jewelry

According to initial reports, on March 15, the 21-year-old returned to her Hollywood Hills home in the evening and didn鈥檛 immediately notice anything amiss. She went to her bedroom at around 1am, where she found that several pieces of jewelry were missing. But now, the story seems to have changed.

TMZ is reporting that Jenner was in fact having a party on Wednesday night when she heard an alarm go off which signaled that a door was being opened. She didn鈥檛 think anything of it at the time, even leaving her own home around midnight with her friends still in the house. When she came back around 1am, she spotted an open jewelry box and found that she had been robbed.

Kendall Jenner _ jewelry

These facts mean that Kendall Jenner鈥檚 own friends could very likely be suspects in the robbery, since they were present in her home and had access to her bedroom, where the jewelry was kept. Oof.

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As we await further deets (police have apparently taken fingerprints from the area and are doing their normal testing to see if they can track down the culprit), it鈥檚 anyone鈥檚 guess which pieces of jewelry were taken, but some of the pieces she鈥檚 shared via Instagram have us wondering if they may have been among Jenner鈥檚 stolen goods.

Here鈥檚 hoping that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

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(h/t TMZ, photos via Loreen Sarkis + Michael Loccisano/Getty)