Kesha is many things 鈥 a singer, artist, activist, feminist, survivor, human. She鈥檚 transformed from a pop singer to a voice that can鈥檛 be silenced, as well as an advocate for equality. In a packed ballroom at SXSW, she chatted with Refinery29鈥檚 Chief Content Officer Amy Emmerich about self-image, the role of music in her life, and her undying love for animals. Here are some of her reveals.


1. She spent her 30th birthday in the dirt. For her 3-0, Kesha said she wanted to go back to basics, so she went on an African safari, where she set up camp with a small group of friends and slept on the ground next to hippos. On the day of her actual birthday, she saw two lions getting it on and thought, 鈥淢y 30s are going to be dope.鈥 She also learned that 鈥淜esha鈥 in Swahili means to go party all night.

2. She鈥檚 a cat lady. Kesha admitted, 鈥淪ecretly, my goal is to live on an island with cats.鈥 She also wants to have a big cat sanctuary where she rescues all cats, including ligers. 鈥淚 want to be known for helping rescue animals forever.鈥 Her love for animals has extended to her fans, who she calls 鈥渁nimals鈥 because it鈥檚 what she loves most in the world. 鈥淢y happiest place is when I鈥檓 interacting with animals 鈥 my fans or my cats.鈥

3. New music is coming. Through her art, she tries to turn everything negative into something positive. She says she writes songs every day of her life and is currently choosing between 70-80 songs for her upcoming album (coming 鈥渟oon鈥). Music is her way of coping, and with her new tunes, she feels like she鈥檚 speaking honestly about her life for the first time. 鈥淚 like it, I hope my animals like it, and I don鈥檛 care what anybody else thinks because I鈥檓 proud of it.鈥

4. She鈥檚 ina really healthy place in her life. After struggling with a dangerous eating disorder, she鈥檚 learned to let things go. She said she鈥檚 far from fixed, but she鈥檚 not spending every day being obsessed with something that鈥檚 unhealthy and wants to help other people with similar struggles realize that they can also find their own freedom. 鈥淚鈥檓 reclaiming my personal space, my body, my confidence, my music, my life.鈥 She鈥檚 publicly talking about her battles and wants to 鈥渟tand up for people that need people to stand up for them.鈥

5. She dropped the $ in her name because it isn鈥檛 who she is now. While she was in rehab for her eating disorder, she recognized that she had created an external fa莽ade of someone who always had to be strong and didn鈥檛 give any effs. During her recovery, she realized that wasn鈥檛 who she truly was, so she dropped the $ because it was part of that fa莽ade and that time of her life, and she had moved on. 鈥淏ut I still have a sh***y tattoo on my hand,鈥 she joked.


6. She believes the internet should be a safe space. Online bullying is no joke, and Kesha has finally come to terms with how to deal with it. She said, 鈥 I was making trolls and bullies the truth and my higher power.鈥 Now, she only uses social media to connect with her fans, who she credits for letting her live her dream, and ignores all the other comments. 鈥淚鈥檓 happiest when I鈥檓 present in my real life and not concerned with my online life.鈥

7. She鈥檚 going back to her country roots. Kesha鈥檚 mother was a country songwriter that helped pen some of her songs like 鈥淐annibal鈥 and 鈥淪teven,鈥 and Kesha originally chose to make dance pop music because it was the most rebellious genre she could think of. But her latest album is going back to her country roots and focusing more on storytelling.

8. She has a F*** You List, and it dates back to high school. For everyone who doubts or bullies her, she said, 鈥淚 have this mental place I put them all. And it鈥檚 my 鈥楩*** You List.鈥欌 Whenever she鈥檚 feeing down, she reminds herself of the list and all the people she needs to prove wrong, and that motivates her to get up and write more music.

9. Her perfect day includes whales. Kesha said her ideal day would be spent scuba diving with whales (she has three whale tattoos), and that in another life, she would love to be a scuba dive instructor because it鈥檚 like 鈥済oing to a different planet鈥 and it makes her feel like 鈥渁 pirate of the sea.鈥

10. If you troll any of her friends or family online, she WILL report you. 鈥淚 report a**holes all the time.鈥 She said she鈥檚 used to the negative comments about herself, but she鈥檚 really protective of her animals and people. 鈥淲e have to have each other鈥檚 back. It鈥檚 all about global unity.鈥

11. Love will alway win. 鈥淚鈥檓 not going to let hate win. I鈥檓 going to spread love for my rest of my life, and I鈥檓 going to try to lead a positive existence. My goal in all of this is to be remembered for being a positive human being that did positive things for other people.鈥

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