Though Kelly and A.C. Slater’s workout gear were on point in Saved by the Bell, we’re talkin’ kettlebells right now. Kettlebells improve posture, build arm and ab muscle and make you sweat like crazy. In case you need a push to reach your fitness goals, here are 11 kettlebell workouts to swing you into shape.

1. 22 Kick-Ass Kettlebell Exercises: From sumo high-pulls to Russian twists, incorporate these moves into your workout routine once a week and you’ll be solid. (via Greatest)

2. Killer Abs: This circuit training workout is inspired by a Jillian Michaels‘ workout, so you know it’s gonna make you sweat and deliver big results. (via Endorphinista)

3. Kettlebells 101: New to kettlebells? Try this routine out. It goes over the basics of technique. (via My Fitness Pal)

4. Nine Calorie-Torching Kettlebell Exercises: Wishing you had swapped that cheeseburger for quinoa? Don’t worry. You can burn 400 calories in 20 minutes with kettlebells and this is how you do it. (via PopSugar)

5. Kettlebell Pyramid Workout: Pyramid workouts are killer, and this one is no piece of cake. By the end, you’ll be proud you conquered it. (via Pumps + Iron)

6. Four Minute Kettlebell Fat Blaster: Short on time, but want to squeeze in a workout? All you need are four minutes and a kettlebell to knock out this circuit. (via Skinny Ms)

7. Abs + Buns With Kettlebells: Boost your metabolism and tone your core and booty all at the same time. Fun moves, like skate cross lunges and Turkish getups, will keep your heart rate sky high. (via Tone It Up)

8. Kettlebell Mixer Workout: This mixer varies in kettlebell movements and targets different muscle areas. It only takes five minutes to complete, but if you want a hardcore workout, do this for three sets. (via Pen + Keyboard)

9. 15-Minute Kettleblaster Workout: Everyone’s got 15 minutes, which means no one’s got any excuses not to get on this workout. It promises to reshape your abs, butt and thighs on the double. (via Fitness)

10. Swing Into Shape: 30-Minute Full Body Kettlebell Workout: This routine is great while watching TV. You’ll be entertained while strengthening those muscles. (via Anytime Fitness Blog)

11. 30-Minute Kettlebell Workout: Here’s another 30-minute exercise that will have you drenched! Go hard through the swings, windmills, swing punches and squats and your body will thank you. (via Pumps + Iron)

How do you workout with kettlebells? Let us know in the comments below!