We’re all about helping creative DIYers just like yourselves grow to their full potential. After celebrating Small Business Saturday last month, we’re following suit with our latest online class, which is geared especially toward aspiring entrepreneurs. Starting a business is expensive, but in Kickstarting Your Business With Crowdfunding, Lisa Fetterman will teach you how to set and reach your fundraising goals.

Lisa is an inventor whose experience with Kickstarter is definitely a success story. In 2010, she had an idea for a machine that would make “sous vide” cooking — a style used by top NY restaurants, in which the food is vacuum-sealed and then cooked to perfection in water, spa-style — possible from home. She created the first at-home immersion circulator, Nomiku, that’s changing the home cooking market for good. Now on the market and coveted by top restaurants, Nomiku (pictured below) was all made possible by two successful Kickstarter campaigns: The first $600K campaign got her up and running, and the second $750K campaign helped launch her second product. After taking her class, you could have a story like hers too!

All you need is an idea you want to raise funding for. Sign up now to become a master of the fundraising process, and learn essentials like how to make a timeline for yourself, how to build your community, how to make a promo video and more!

If you’re not quite ready for a campaign, that’s cool. We have tons more online classes to nurse your entrepreneurial spirit, including Screen Printing (taught by Shark Tank dropout Jesse Genet) and Coding: From Webpage to Website. In all our classes, offered right in our own B+C Shop, we invite talented makers, designers and bloggers to share their secrets and help inspire your creativity. Plus, a nifty feature of our online classes is that you can download them and come back to them whenever you want, allowing you to move at your own pace.

Ready to flex your entrepreneurial muscle? Make some room for those dolla bills, y’all. Sign up today!

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