For any girl born in the ’80s, ’90s or even the ’00s, you know that American Girl Dolls are the lifeline of female adolescence (raises hand high). Well, there’s a new girl group in town: the Willowbrook Girls. From making girls want to be engineers when they grow up to encouraging them to pursue other diverse dream jobs, they’re the answer to all of our #GirlBoss dreams.


Currently live on Kickstarter through March 18 (and about $5K short of their goal), the Willowbrook Girls’ project set out to create “diverse dolls with the smart, ambitious, opinionated characters that girls deserve.”

The collection features a group of seven fifth-grade friends, each ripe with their own background. Cara, the first doll to be released if the project gets funded, is a future-entrepreneur who leads her girl group to start their own business inspired by her latest DIY project (hello, future Etsy shop owner).


All seven characters have diverse personalities, career ambitions, interests, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds. And the coolest part? Each gal is smart, ambitious and opinionated. Just the way we like our future women leaders.

Other members of our new favorite girl power group include future senator Mackenzie; future neuroscientist Maya; Anjali, the future Broadway star; future international journalist Perry; Rory, the future engineer (who taught herself how to code, hey girl!) and Bailey, the future math teacher with an athletic streak.


In addition to the seven dolls and the first story, The Brookies Build a Business, founder Neha Chauhan Woodward envisions career kits accompanying each girl that will include activities, skills-based learning and stories of trailblazing women in each field.

The ultimate vision for Willowbrook Girls? To inspire the next generation of leaders. With women holding less than five percent of CEO positions at Fortune 500 companies and making up only 20 percent of the Senate, the Willowbrook Girls want to inspire real-life girls to crush these statistics.

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(Photos via Willowbrook Girls)