You didn’t think we’d let 2014 get going without a nod to the newest Kickstarter projects, did you? Last week was all about CES, but now we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming in the world of inventions and innovations. Kickstarter’s got a whole new bag of tricks to kick off 2014, and here are 11 such tricks we’re thinking about funding.

1. Jump Cable: What looks like a simple cable is actually a cable and a backup battery pack! Charge your battery at the same time as your charge your phone, and then drop it in your purse for backup charging on the go. Go for a pledge of $40 and you’ll be first in line to get your own Jump Cable.

2. Declan Squared: Gentleman geeks all around the land will sure sing the praises of Declan Squared, a collection of microfiber pocket squares and handkerchiefs! With tons of handsome (and pretty) patterns, these are great for guys and gals alike. A pledge of $12 gets you two of your very own squares, as soon as May 2014.

3. Moment Lenses: Ready to upgrade your iPhoneography? We’ve seen lots of lenses on the market, but this one is definitely one we want to try. The glass to create the lens is made using the same recipe that is used for designing professional cinema glass for HD film. The lens doesn’t distort your images at all, just sharpens the lines, heightens, the colors, and gives you a better representation of whatever it is you’re capturing.

4. Popcord: This simple gadget fits right on your keys and lets you charge your chosen device via any USB you can find. Easy peasy.

5. The Derringer Electric Bike: I want to ride my (electric) bicycle, I want to ride my (electric) bike… But for real, we’re loving this trend in two-wheeled transport! The Derringer is a sleek electric bike, designed with ease of use, low maintenance, and great reliability top of mind. Your very own Derringer Cycle will set you back $1,800, so it’s certainly an investment.

6. Foobler: Is your pooch a hunter, gatherer, and forager? Me too! Enter the Foobler, a puzzle feeder designed to entertain your pup for up to nine hours with a single charge. It’s a self-loading puzzle feeder with six timer activated pods and it delivers a full day’s worth of regular kibble or treats for them to enjoy. We can’t wait to try it.

7. Tillow: Duh! It’s a towel and pillow in one! But it’s not just about getting cozy at the beach, this towel includes water-resistant pockets all over the towel, including one with a touchscreen window. It makes it easy to protect your phone from both sun and surf.

8. FRM / FRAME: Yes, this is an iPad wall dock, but what’s great about it is that it’s well-designed, displays your iPad beautifully, and lets you charge it up while on display. It’s not the first of its kind, but it looks better than most we’ve seen on the market.

9. MaxStone: MaxStone is not a character in a made-up adventure story about cameras. MaxStone is, in fact, a wireless remote that lets you control your DSLR through your smartphone. To sync your camera to your phone, simply hang the MaxStone device to your camera, launch the app on your phone, and you’re ready to rumble.

10. The Chocolatier Artisan Chocolates: We recommend funding this New Zealand chocolatier if only to fill the world with more chocolates that look like gemstones. We need whatever mold was used to make these!

11. The Floyd Leg: Finally, an invention we need… now! The Floyd Leg lets you turn any flat surface into a table using an age old device — the clamp. It’s great for folks who move around a lot and can’t commit to a certain desk. It’s also great for putting together a table in a pinch if one too many guests RSVP to your next dinner party.

Have you ever funded anything on Kickstarter? What was it? And how was the experience? Talk to us in the comments below.