You know what a brand new month means? A whole bunch of new Kickstarter projects have hit the scene and are just waiting to be swooned over. From new ways to store fruit to an entire poster devoted to life hacks, here are 10 of the latest and greatest projects looking for funding on Kickstarter.

1. Fruit Wall: First up, fruit wall! This project is all about a new way to store your fruit. Instead of letting everything get mushy in a bowl, why not create an entire display wall for your fruit? Not only does this look pretty fetching as decor, but it might be a better way to keep fruits and veggies fresh.

2. Rainbow Pencils: A recent BritList find, these recycled pencils produce rainbows when sharpened. Fun fact: The designer behind these also designed this puntastic cassette tape dispenser.

3. SideCar: Need to double your screen size on the go? SideCar aims to do just that, letting you connect your tablet to your laptop for maximum screen goodness.

4. Cordito Collection: Remember our cord roll? It was totally inspired by the Cordito, and now there’s an entire collection of leather goods available for keeping your cords in order. And for analog types, they’ve also created a creative suite for pencils and notepads. Each collection’ll set you back $75.

5. Made to Measure: This project hopes to make the art of bespoke wooden furniture more accessible. Tables and shelves fit easily into any apartment, and are built for your specific space.

6. Spin Chill: Want to make your beer cold in under 60 seconds? Welcome to Spin Chill. It’s essentially a drill bit (cleverly called a “Chill Bit”) that you can attach to a can and then use a drill to rotate the can in a tub of ice. A chill bit can be yours for $12.

7. The Life Hack Poster: This brilliant poster would fit right in here at Brit HQ. It includes 75 of the best life hacks and guides on one poster, including how to get watermarks out of wood, how to do the Heimlich, and more.

8. Flowza: We’ve seen a wordy clock or two before, but we’re digging the charming English vocabulary of this one.

9. Foodie Dice: This set of dice is all about mixing up your typical cooking routine. Roll the dice each evening, and come up with a totally different meal. We love the idea of creating a custom set based on your favorite ingredients and foods you’ve always been wanting to trie.

10. Maker, A Documentary on the Maker Movement: Naturally, we were all ears and eyes when we came across this documentary. It’s all about the Maker Movement and how makers today are breaking the hobbyist movement stereotype. We definitely recommend funding this, and can’t wait to see it ourselves! (Speaking of makers, will we see you at Re:Make this weekend?!)

Bonus: Tikker: This watch counts down your life. The idea is that you make every second count, but we can’t help but feel that it’s a pretty morbid way to look at each day.

Have you ever funded a project on Kickstarter? Did it succeed? Do you have any Kickstarter products that you use on a daily basis? Talk to us in the comments below.