When Kanye West strolled into Trump Tower yesterday and posed with the controversial President-Elect, folks were left wondering WTF was up. Although Kanye tried to explain the motivation behind the meeting, most people weren鈥檛 impressed. In fact they were downright fuming. But Kanye鈥檚 wife Kim Kardashian, who鈥檚 been dealing with his current, er, situation as best as she can, had a surprising reaction to Kanye鈥檚 meeting with Trump.

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Perhaps the most surprising thing about Kim鈥檚 reaction is that she wasn鈥檛 surprised at all. Although, after being married to Kanye for over two years, perhaps she鈥檚 used to his antics by now. But that doesn鈥檛 mean she鈥檚 cool with it.

A source told Us that Kim 鈥渞espects her husband鈥 despite the fact that Kanye publicly voiced his support for Trump (though he didn鈥檛 vote) and Kim is a vocal Clinton supporter.


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As for Kanye鈥檚 meeting with Trump, Kim was apparently one of the few people who knew it was happening ahead of time. 鈥淜im knew Kanye was coming on this trip. She鈥檚 not surprised by this,鈥 the source explained. 鈥淜im knew that Kanye supported Trump. Kim and Kanye definitely differ on their opinions obviously, since she voted for Hillary.鈥

Kim may not be surprised by Kanye鈥檚 political leanings (and ambitions?), but still: awkward!

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