Kim Kardashian is credited with single-handedly popularizing the contouring trend and even sits atop her own beauty empire these days, so it’s hard to imagine a time when the makeup mogul made regrettable cosmetic choices. But make them, she did.

Kardashian took to her site and app to talk about her old glam. “It’s fun to look back at the old glam I used to do,” the mom of two wrote. “Now, I tend to stick to a monochromatic nude look. I like to keep things simple but I still love to change it up every now and then.” And while she’s more or less nailed her ~*lewk*~ these days, there was a time when she was figuring stuff out like the rest of us. But the difference is that many of her makeup mistakes are recorded in history. *Cringe*

In her opinion, one of the worst cosmetic choices she made was being too matchy. She admits, “I love a monochromatic look, but this was just so cheesy. In the early 2000s, I would do a lot of bright colors, especially turquoise. I wore a turquoise top and turquoise eye makeup — and even turquoise flower hair clips! That glam was so in then, but definitely not something I’ll do again.”

LAS VEGAS - JUNE 16: Socialite Kim Kardashian arrives at the fourth anniversary party for Vegas Magazine on the closing night of the CineVegas film festival at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino June 16, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for CineVegas)

She’s also had to learn how to tan properly, as in the early days “there were definitely a few times when [she] turned orange.” Now she knows the secret to the perfect glow: exfoliating. “The best tip I’ve learned is to exfoliate really well beforehand. Otherwise, the spray tan will look blotchy and uneven. I also use spray tan mitts and scrub my whole body, so I’m completely exfoliated.”

Hopefully, Kardashian isn’t too scared to experiment, but the golden glow she’s got going on now definitely seems to be working for her.

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(Photos via Dia Dipasupil, Ethan Miller, Patrick McMullan/Getty)