Kylie Jenner might have had the most downloaded Kardashian-Jenner lifestyle app, but with the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game and now her emojis, Kim Kardashian West is still dominating the smartphone app game. Yesterday, Kim KW unleashed her emoji app, aptly titled Kimoji ($1.99 via iOS), upon an unsuspecting public. The app featured several iconic Kim images, like an illustration of her backside as well as the look that big sis Kourtney deemed her “ugly crying face.” Needless to say, the smartphone world decided they had to have to app. Unfortunately, it looks like the app just couldn’t keep up (with the Kardashians — sorry we had to!) and now it’s accruing several angry reviews in the iOS App Store.

Kim tweeted an apology to users for the app not working, putting the onus on the App Store’s inability to keep up with the massive number of downloads (nice humblebrag, Kim). At one point, according to The Drum, the app was scoring 9000 downloads per second. However, 9to5Mac pointed out that according to Apple’s System Status report yesterday, the App Store appears to have been just fine. Others still are blaming it on the app for being buggy. One user complained:

“As if it’s not embarrassing enough that I literally spent $2 just so I can have Kim K’s cry face at my disposal, now I have to deal with the fact that the app doesn’t even work! I literally have never downloaded an app this buggy. I have to turn my phone off and on again repeatedly just to get the keyboard to show the Kimojis. Otherwise it goes completely blank and doesn’t load anything … Please fix for the next update!! *insert Kim’s cry face here*

But never fear. The app or App Store has been “fixed” and the app has returned to dominate the App Store charts. So download away with ease.

Kim also apologized to Apple, but it remains up for debate whether she’s actually sorry or kind of proud.

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